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1. Thanks, everyone, for the hugs and contratulations last week! I'm (slowly) making my way through responding to all the comments. Had a pretty good weekend, sickness-wise, so I'm hoping this week will be a good one, too. :-)

2. Today, we're launching the Magic & Mayhem blog. We're introducing ourselves and talking about what we write and the authors we love. We also have a number of giveaways going on throughout the week. I'm up first, so if any of you want to hop on by, that would be great! :-)  Oh, and isn't the blog pretty? Shawntelle created it and I think she did a fantastic job!

3. It was over 70 degrees this weekend. Such fantastic weather! Unfortunately, it's supposed to drop down into the single digits within 48 hours. That's a 60 degree turn around in two days. Sometimes, Texas weather is ridiculous.