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My last Livejournal post

Would you believe I tried updating LJ three different times and days last week, and LJ was either down or working so slowly I couldn't stand it? Totally frustrating. So, I decided to wait and try to post today, and I'm having the same trouble. I thought I could wait until my website launches this summer before abandoning LJ, but no, I'm officially finished here. Or, at least, I'm finished with my LJ public account. I'll still use LJ every once in a while for locked posts, which are usuallly only relevant to my Real Life Friends, but other than that, everything will be moving to a temporary Wordpress site for now. You should be able to reach my site by typing in www.sandy-williams.com. Later today, I'll post the updatery post I've tried to post here numerous times.

I'm not abandoning all of you guys, though! I've already added a number of you to my Google Reader, and I'll add more in the next few days. That's the good news. The bad news is that I'm not going to be checking my LJ friends list very often, so if you have any locked posts, I most likely won't see them. I know. It completely sucks. I've been a huge fan of LJ and the LJ community ever since I signed up about 4 years ago. Most of my writer friends I met here, so I am really sad to leave. But it's just way too frustrating to remain here.

If you don't want to add my Wordpress blog to your RSS feeder, no worries. You can follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, or hop over to the Magic & Mayhem Writers blog. This week, we're talking about query letters and posting the ones that landed us an agent. I posted mine today, provided my top three tips for writing yours, and if you comment between now and next Monday saying you'd like me to take a look at your query, I'll pick a random commentator and do so.