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My Most Favoritest, Awesomest, Coolest Adventure

Young adult author Beth Revis is in New York. On an adventure! And while that's totally cool - she gets to go to Comic Con and hang out with publishing folks - I'm really excited because she's running a contest-y thing on her blog for an ARC of her upcoming debut, Across the Universe.

I've been totally ARC-stalking Beth Revis for the past few months. I've entered every giveaway I've heard about because I want to get my hands on this book NOW! It's described as a sci-fi book for people who don't like sci-fi, and while, yes, I love sci-fi, I'm doubly excited about this because it sounds so very awesome. You can read the first chapter here. Anyway, since she's having an adventure in New York, she's asked people to write about their own adventures so they can be entered for a chance to win an ARC.

So, here's me, talking about my most favoritest, awesomest, coolest adventure.

I am seriously one of the luckiest people on the planet because I've had a ton of adventures. I mean, really, I lived across the street from Windsor Castle for six months. That in itself is dreamy. So is being able to hop on a train and go into London. London! It's hands down my favorite city on the planet. I miss it so, so much. I could talk about one of the trips we took during that time (with a million different countries within a few hours flight-time, we HAD to take advantage of our location), but I'm going to talk about the time I almost died.

Yes, that's right folks. I almost died. In Hawaii. In Kauai to be precise. Trey and I went out there and rented a house with two other couples. Trey and I love hiking, and Kauai has got to be the best place on the planet for it. We had this little blue guide book that told us all the bestest, most secretest hikes on the island. One hike was said to be exceptionally awesome, so we went with one of the other couples.

There were two ways to get to our destination. One way was supposed to be super steep and dangerous. The authorites strongly discouraged hikers from taking that trail and kept cutting the ropes people tied to the trees. So, we decided to go the less steep, less dangerous way. This way was also longer, but that was fine by us.

It all started off well. We found the beginning of the trail and started down.

Trey and me (in grey behind him)

So, pretty easy looking trail, right? There were some steeper, more difficult moments, but everything was going well until we lost the trail. No clue where it went. One moment, we were happily following the path a hundred hikers had hiked before us, the next, we were in jungle.

Yeah. A jungle. Our way was blocked by some serious foliage. The only choice we had was to cross this:

The Wailua River. Pretty, right? We were sure we saw the trail pick up on the other side, so the other couple set out across the river. They made it pretty easily, so Trey and I followed their path (I tried a different path at first, but couldn't make it).

At least, I thought we were following their path. Either the river picked up speed or we were half a centimeter off the way they went, but this was not easy! Remember the whole "almost dying" thing I mentioned? That happens here.

Actually, I think it happened right before this shot. The water never rose past my waist, but holy cow! The current nearly took me away. It would have if there hadn't been a rock to cling to. I was effing scared, my heart pumping, my arms refusing to let go of the rock. I think Trey had to give me the walking stick to get past this point (or it might have been a previous point because, seriously, the experience was a whole lot scarier than this looks!). 
Another shot of the river crossing. Yep. That's me with my butt in the air. Really, I'm just happy to be in shallow water.

I don't think I realized how stupid this was until I reached the other side. DON'T EVER DO THIS PEOPLE! Danger! Danger! People die from things like this! But!

It was awesome. Definitely an adventure. I'm so glad I did it, but I I'll never do that again. At least, not without a safety rope. If I had slipped or slid off a rock (and I almost did more than once), I would have been dragged down the river. Would I have survived? Maybe. If I didn't bash my head on a rock or get pulled under.

Was it worth it? Well, since we all survived, yes. Because we made it here:

Huge waterfall! HUGE! And we had the swimming hole mostly to ourselves because few other people wanted to brave the journey. We only had to share the space with our friends and one other couple.

We asked the couple how they got there. Remember that scary trail the authorities didn't want people to take because it was too steep and dangerous? They took that one. It had ropes. Took them maybe five minutes and they had no near-death experiences.
Yeah. We totally took that trail on the way back.



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