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Please, World, Be Nice to Me

(Business stuff first: I blogged over at Magic & Mayhem today about copyedits, which came on Friday. I love, love, love receiving edits! It's such a great learning experience.)

So, last week I said I was starting to feel better, right? I must have jinxed myself because, despite being a hermit for the last month and a half, I managed to get strep throat when I went out last weekend. Strep throat + lingering morning sickness (which occurs mostly in the evenings) = Not Happy Sandy.

I was back to being 100% miserable, which was so thoroughly depressing. I intended to get a ton of writing done last week but was instead a weepy, sniffling, useless bum. I'm hesitant to say it, but I think I feel okay this morning *knocks on wood* so I'm hoping to be uber productive this week. I might even start reporting my word count soon. I haven't done THAT in... gosh, over a year, I think.

I must get out of the house some, though. I think my muscles almost completely atrophied since Christmas. I can't walk around a store for five minutes without feeling like I'm going to die of exhaustion. It's absolutely ridiculous and more than a little embarassing. I mean, I wasn't the most in-shape, athletic person before this whole pregnancy thing, but, damn, I could go to the gym for an hour or (badly) play a game of soccer once a week. I didn't feel so freaking decrepit.

Anyway, the goals for today are to:

1. Go to the gym and walk for a half hour on the teadmill. I would take the dogs for a walk instead, but it's a bit too cold out there for me and I still have the sniffles. :-(
2. Get at least a quarter of the way through my copy edits. I could finish them all up relatively quickly, but this is my last time to make changes so I want to make sure every word is perfect.
3. Write 1,000... er, 500 words on TSR2 (I don't have even a working title for my sequel yet). I'll try for the 1k, but I want to actually make my goal, so I'll start small today.

Wish me luck, folks!