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It sounds completely ridiculous (and kind of arrogant in a way, too!), but I've created a Facebook Fan page. I have a private Facebook page, but I'm trying to keep that to people I know in Real Life, so I started playing around with the fan page. I love Patrick Rothfuss's FB.* He has all these cool tab-things at the top of his page. I've spent way too long trying to figure out how to add them to mine and finally figured out the FBML application. Or, at least, I mostly figured it out. (There is an extremely helpful how-to video here: http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2010/12/02/how-to-create-a-facebook-fan-page-for-your-book-or-author-brand/ )

The problem is, my pages aren't showing up in tabs; they're on the left sidebar. If anyone knows why they're there and not on top, please let me know. I'm thinking maybe I can get more options if I have fans? There's a little tip on one of my pages that says I need 25 fans to be able to name my page, so maybe that unlocks something special?

Anyway, yes, you've probably guessed it. I'm here asking if you'll like me on Facebook. I cringe doing this because I hate asking people to like me - it's just weird, ya know? Especially since most of you haven't read my stuff. But... if you do like me, think of it more as a beta test. I have cool plans for FB in the future, but I'm just playing around with it right now to see how it works. If I discover some cool tips and tricks, I'll be sure to share them here. Plus, you can unlike me at any time and I promise you won't hurt my feelings. :-)

Also, I know my blogging here is super sporadic. I am so easily distracted these days with book two and babies times two. Really not sure which is causing me the most stress, LOL. But I do blog every Monday over at Magic and Mayhem, so if you'd like to keep up with me, hop on over there. Or... you could like me on Facebook. *looks innocent* I won't post a million times a week on FB - people who do that annoy the heck out of me - but I will update my status and let people know how the writing is going.

* Bought his book today. It was one of the last two copies!