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Friday Five: American Idol Version

1. I was worried when Simon Cowell left the show, but I think American Idol might be better than ever. I love the addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. I love watching them watch the performers - you can really tell they have a passion for music and musical talent. And while I sometimes think Steven and Jennifer are a little too lenient on the contestants, when they don't like someone's performance, they say so, and they say so in a polite and constructive way. I always liked Simon's honesty, but it's nice to see judges be honest, helpful, and decent human beings.

2. I have a favorite contestant! It's Casey Abrams. He's freaking awesome and thoroughly entertaining. I don't normally like the type of music he sings ("I Put a Spell on You," "Georgia on my Mind," etc.), but he's making me a fan of it.

3. Ashton Jones was booted off last night. She was one of the wild cards the judges put in last week, so it's clear America doesn't love her. I think she was put through mostly on her personality - she definitely has a stage presence. She has a decent voice, too, but when you compare her to the others in the competition, she really isn't at the same level.

4. Diddy Dirty Money (or whatever he's called these days) was on. I think he's pretty much a badass even though I'm not a fan of his music, but the song he performed caught my attention because of Skylar Grey, the girl on the piano. Loved her voice! Apparently, she sings for a lot of rappers. If you're a fan of Eminem, you might recognize this song she co-wrote:

5. Oh! Almost forgot. I loved Adam Lambert's performance, too. I loved Adam back when he was on the show - he was always entertaining - but I was kind of happy when he didn't when because I knew he'd have a music career anyway, and I wasn't sure if the other guy would have had a career if he hadn't won. Anyway, Adam sang Aftermath, and I thought he rocked it. Take a listen. Doesn't it sound like the band, Live?